Language Consulting

ALI is your expert language partner across Asia and Europe. We provide top-level industry expertise combined with language expertise so your employees meet the high communication standards of the 21st Century global marketplace.

The ALI Advantage:

  • Solve communication problems at the colleague and customer level
  • Choose the right language training suppliers, translators, and language tests
  • Test new and existing employees based on key performance indicators
  • Improve web and print material and have a consistent brand tone
  • Develop internal language practice, self-study, and progress measures

ALI has the technology and training network to solve your most significant English communication problems.  With support from Pearson’s advanced AI voice-recognition and writing analysis system, ALI can implement validated placement and progress testing for thousands of employees…in one day…on their own computers….at a fraction of the cost of other language providers.  Our testing capability spans across your whole organization, from executive to front-desk, engineering and outsourced personnel – in all four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. We then use this powerful data to identify Key Language Performance Indicators (KLPIs) for each employee and support your HR and executives to implement language solutions that improve your bottom line.

“The ALI team provided us with a new level of specialist language services that we needed. Working with them is easy because they listen to our needs and can handle sensitive language projects like ours that if not handled correctly could cost billions.”  – Dr. Bernhard Mommer, Director, Petroleum and Gas Resources GmbH, former Deputy Minister of OPEC.

Dr. Josh Lange, a world-leading expert in language management and education, leads ALI and has saved companies and governments millions of euros while increasing the status and profile of many universities through implementation of performance-based language strategy. He has built eLearning and eAssessment systems as well as managed teams to develop entire university and corporate language testing solutions. As the Chair of Austria’s National Association for English Professionals, Dr. Lange collaborates with a vast range of language providers and communication experts to serve clients fit-for-purpose solutions.

Does your company or organization need language support, a specialized test, or help choosing suppliers? Get in touch with Dr. Lange for a free consultation.