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Need a translator or editor who knows your field?

Perhaps general translators and software cannot accomplish the level of nuance and specificity that you need, and specialists such as ‘lawyer-linguists’  cost a lot of money.  Instead of relying on generalists or specialists, we combine both on a team to ensure your documents are accurate and styled according to the demands of your target audience. The result is lower costs and faster turnaround than specialist translators, and higher quality than generalist translators.

We also provide language strategy services that include translation workshops, peer-review systems, internal style guide development, and quality control measures that can cut your translation and editing costs and time by up to 50%.

How does the ALI Approach Work?

We agree with the client on the specific needs and the initial document is sent to a “generalist” professional translator/editor. The translator/editor securely delivers the document to a “content specialist” in your field.  In Law, for example, this is an experienced lawyer and native-speaker with excellent Legal Writing skills and legal knowledge.  The content specialist finishes the document taking into account the specialist language, concepts, and style relevant to your needs. If any language issues arise, the content specialist will contact you and resolve them immediately. Once complete, a proofreader finalizes the document and sends it to the client.

How fast is your turnaround?

This always depends on the length and significance of the document. For example, an advanced proofreading and an overview from a field expert for a 15 page document can be done in 3 working days.  A 300-page legal document would require several weeks, but our system is designed to minimize ‘back and forth’ so this process is convenient for each client.

How much does it cost?

When your firm considers our language strategy services, you could be increasing your firm’s effectiveness and sales while minimizing costs. For specific translation pricing, each project is different and each field requires different levels of expertise, but you can expect a 10-20% lower price  than our competitors.

Interested in the ALI difference? Send us a message outlining your needs or call us 24 hours for a high-urgency project.

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“Josh and his team provided us with a new level of specialist language services that we needed in Legal English and translation to work on our most significant cases. Working with them is easy because they listen to our needs and can handle sensitive language projects like ours that if not handled correctly could cost billions.”- Dr. Bernhard Mommer, Director, Petroleum and Gas Resources GmbH