Success speaks its own language

An entire course team for each client 


We take the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to new heights by providing each client with  personalized language courses using a team of qualified professionals: the content specialist knows your field, the language teacher knows your target language, and the learning manager oversees the process while creating activities to help you study on your own.  All of our staff have Master’s degrees or higher from top universities and communicate at ‘native speaker’ level. 

Real-world dialogues on your schedule

We build each program on interdisciplinary communication relevant to the client’s learning goals and current discussions in the client’s professional context.  You can adjust the amount of content specialization, general language, and skills learning based on your specific needs. In addition to personalized tutoring, we utilize Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, and Data Sharing across devices and between experts to create a  communicative bond between clients, projects, and the course team.

Personalized materials with progress reports

All of ALI’s courses are designed on the client’s current and future ‘authentic’ projects, and we develop individualized progress assessments for each course and group based on a Cambridge English Assessment style framework.  With ALI, you always know exactly what you’re learning, why you’re learning it, how good you’re learning it, and what you need to improve.  If you need a specific qualification such as IELTS, TOEFL, or CAE/CPE, then your progress test and materials will be designed to prepare you to take the test. 


Quality writing and editing services 

Our Drafts & Publications service provides clients with high-quality documents edited, translated, or co-authored by content specialists in your field.  All of ALI’s writing and editing staff are handpicked for their relevant qualifications, native-speaker status and writing ability, then undergo a rigorous editor training to ensure clients receive consistent high-quality results and excellent customer service. Click here

What the experts say:

“Companies that fail to devise a language strategy are essentially limiting their growth opportunities to the markets where their language is spoken, clearly putting themselves at a disadvantage…Companies need to contract with language vendors who specialize in helping employees at various levels of proficiency. The vendors need to be intimately familiar with the company context so that they can guide employees’ learning, from how best to allocate their time in improving skills to strategies for composing e-mails”

Tsedal Neeley, Harvard Business School

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“ALI course team fulfilled my English needs and much more. They were all highly educated and expert communicators so we could discuss various themes I’m interested in like religion and politics, all while covering my material in international arbitration law!”

Mariana – Law

“What else can I say but excellent! The course helped me publish for a major journal, learn how to fix my own errors, and see my scientific writing from a new perspective.”

Georg – Pharma/BioTech