About ALI

“How do we find language teachers who understand our field?”

In the 21st Century, professionals need to use discipline-specific terminology, discourse methods, and communication norms on a daily basis to ensure global projects and people succeed.

We help you succeed with student-centered methods and cutting-edge technology. In addition, our 21st Century approach provides each client with a personalized course team:

Content Specialist + Language Teacher + Learning Manager

It’s not brain science (although we do teach brain scientists). Having multiple instructors provides motivation to learn, relevance to work, diverse practice opportunities, and expansive language knowledge. In addition to personalized tutoring, we utilize Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing, and Data Sharing across devices and between experts to create a  communicative bond between clients, projects, and the course team.

Multi-Layered Productive Dialogue

After goals and expectations are established by the Institute and the client, the course team provides each learner with personalized, context-relevant, rich and expansive dialogue. The course team then uses these dialogues to maximise language learning, produce relevant progress measures, and keep the learners motivated through challenging content appropriate to their level.

Multi-layered productive dialogue functions kind of like a recycling plant.  We take your language knowledge in any condition, identify the valuable parts, and put it through a series of adjustments, then give it back to you in a new and improved form.  This happens through three ‘layers’ of dialogue:

  • Layer 1: Client-Tutor Dialogue

Through face-to-face, mobile, text, live speech, formal and informal ways, the team is in constant communication with the learner. Specialist concepts and language are inserted by the course team or identified through dialogue about the client’s projects. The course team identifies new language, strengths and weaknesses, and areas to develop further dialogue with the learner.

  • Layer 2: Tutor-Tutor Dialogue

This language is shared across the team and given back to the learner through multiple ‘entry points.’ The Content and Language Specialists design activities and unique progress assessments to capture and repeat important and useful language in the context of the learner.  The learning manager makes sure there are new learning skills embedded into each set of activities and things are running smoothly.

  • Layer 3: Tutor-Client Dialogue

The learning manager adjusts the frequency of each instructor, the pace of activities, and the design of useful progress measures. All of this is in collaboration with the client, and we provide assessment templates such as the Dynamic Vocab Glossary, Video Role Description, and Focus Tutorial which are practice-based demonstrations of improved language, aligned specifically to each client’s goals.


Welcome from ALI’s Founder, Dr. Josh Lange

Josh TEDx speaker shoulder head


I founded ALI based on 15 years experience worldwide establishing advanced and specialist courses for universities, companies, and governments, combined with comprehensive study of language and education. There has always been a gap between those that need to talk about complex projects and their language teachers who are not specialists and can only occasionally handle complex topics. ALI aims to overcome this gap through “21st Century thinking” collaboration and relevance. At every point in the language learning process we communicate across teams and stakeholders with our team-based specialist approach. All of our course team members have field-specific qualifications and experience, which opens the course to new levels of advanced communication. Get in touch, we are eager to hear about your projects, ideas, and people!

Dr. Josh Lange, EdD, MEd, MA

Cambridge Certifications: CELTA,IELTS, IDLTM (Dip.TESOL)