Virtual Internships in the USA



Cooperation Partner: Pole Star Experiential Learning

Would you like to have a 12-Week internship with a US company without leaving Austria?

The Advanced Language Institute has partnered with Pole Star Experiential Learning in the US to provide “virtual internships” with companies across the US, in various fields!

You must have a B1 English level to participate, and are required to take our English for Online Business Communication short course to ensure you can communicate on real-world projects online with native speakers at B2-C1 level.   Pole Star Experiential Learning will then connect your skills and focus to a company in your area of focus, manage your internship, provide additional experiential learning support materials, and upon successful completion you will receive a certificate and reference from the US company.

Some virtual interns are offered jobs in the US during their internship!

Online Course – English for Online Professional Communication & Collaboration

Course Content

  • 5 hours of video instruction, 32 activities and quizzes
  • create a personal business glossary and Personal Learning Plan in English
  • prepare for your international internship or work abroad
  • write short, clear emails and text messages to colleagues
  • check for pricing, add or remove details, respond to requests, and follow up
  • explore video conferencing techniques such as powerpoint and whiteboard
  • using social networks in English
  • additional test practice self-study material included (IELTS, TOEFL)
  • face to face meet ups in Vienna with native-speakers

Lecturer: Dr. Josh Lange is a former Fortune 500 manager, English trainer, and entrepreneur. Dr. Lange not only conducts business online on a daily basis, he is triple-certified by Cambridge University to conduct and manage language courses at the highest-level of business and government.

Course price: €170 (sponsorship or funding opportunities available). Discount of 30{c1478f2c947d017f85a742855dc3b4a63e3b187c6d3ff1e29113b45d8d8bef0d} applies to Pole Star Experiential Learning candidates.