Legal English Level Assessment

The Legal English Level Assessment (LELA) is a quick, fun and accurate measure of Legal English.  All sections are connected to one of the most exciting real-world cases in modern history.  This is BETA version.

LELA also gives you information about your readiness to take a course or standardized test. It is aligned to the Common European Framework (B1-C1), TOEFL iBT (120 points), and TOLES Legal exam (foundation/advanced).  A score of 80% or higher places you relative to C1 level, or a 6-week course that will get you a TOEFL 100 or a TOLES higher certificate.

Before you take LELA:

  • Reading, listening, and vocabulary sections are available free of charge.
  • Writing and speaking sections are exclusively for ALI partner firms.
  • Each section is 15 minutes, for a maximum test time of 75 minutes.
  • You may complete each section only once and without a pause.
  • You will receive results and feedback after completing each section.

Thank you for visiting our website, and if not in our classroom we will see you in court!