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Specialized Courses:

The Cambridge Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) Exams require specific knowledge of how the tests work and you should be able to communicate at an advanced level in multiple communication situations, which is exactly how we will design your course.  You will step inside the mind of the examiner and understand how every part of the test works, build your vocabulary and communication skills, review complex grammar, learn how to write in five different genres, receive daily mini-practice tasks to keep your mind focused on the test, and access our large database of self-study practice materials.


  • Achievement: Build your CV and Personal Brand, and be part of an exclusive group who holds the world’s highest language qualifications.
  •  Flexible Attendance: This course can be taken partially or fully online, and the instructors will come to your location when it fits your schedule.
  • 100% Pass Guarantee: If you don’t pass the test we will give you your money back. (valid only for face-to-face courses).

Dr. Josh Lange is the Cambridge Exam Preparation ‚Guru‘ and one of the World’s most successful Cambridge English teachers.

Josh is Triple-Certified by Cambridge English, as a teacher, administrator, and examiner and has prepared over 200 students for the world’s most challenging language tests. Recognized worldwide in the field, 100% of Josh’s students have passed the Cambridge CPE and CAE tests on the first examination attempt.

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