Welcome to ALI where your career can soar!

Welcome to ALI where your career can soar!

We are looking for Content Specialists in Austria for:

  • Medicine
  • Finance
  • Sales & Marketing (with a particular industry focus)

The Vision

The Advanced Language Institute is Austria’s home for specialist language learning. We take the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach to new heights by providing each client with personalized language courses using a team of qualified professionals: the content specialist knows your field, the language teacher knows your target language, and the learning manager oversees the process while creating activities to help you study on your own.  We are looking for freelance content specialists (with either experience or higher degrees or both) who can communicate at C1 level in English.

The Content Specialist role

Your task is to know your field and be able to talk about it, explain terms and concepts, introduce new specialist vocabulary, discuss relevant topics, and lead the clients toward practice of new language through communicative activities. It requires little preparation but you will need to know the concepts behind the language you are talking about. For example, Medical professionals know the names of body parts and diseases, how to talk with patients, write diagnoses, read medical procedure descriptions, etc.

You are supported by a professionally-certified language teacher and a learning manager who create activities and manage the progress of the students. As our courses are needs-based, each course takes a different direction. Mostly relevant to practitioners, our courses can also include preparation for professional exams that are in English, editing and proofreading, and other language services connected to the courses.

Benefits and Conditions

  • The best benefit is that you “learn by teaching.” It is proven that your own specialist English will improve significantly through dialogue and teaching practice. All of our content specialists are enthusiastic about learning language and this transfers onto our students.
  • Scheduling is quite flexible. You are responsible for coordinating with the language teacher the best times and days that fit your schedules. Usually the classes are in 2 hour time blocks.
  • Hourly pay of €25 (or more depending on qualificiations)

Please submit your CV with contact details here: admin(AT)