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Well-crafted writing and editing services

Do you need advanced proofreading, editing, translation or writing help? Our pool of experts are mostly native-speakers with PhD-level qualifications in your field and provide high-quality writing revision and critical evaluation services for all fields of inquiry. The master content specialists, editors, technical writers, and translators in our pool have helped over 5,000 individuals and firms create high-quality drafts and final documents for research and publication. Your draft is also reviewed by our language teachers who provide useful language commentary that supports your growth as an aspiring writer.

Perfect for:

  • Journal articles and book chapters
  • Conference publications and presentations
  • Master’s and Ph.D. theses
  • Reports and document translations
  • CV/resumes, cover letters, motivation letters
  • Websites, newsletters, blogs
  • Technical handbooks
  • Standardized English writing tests (e.g. IELTS/TOEFL/CPE)

Click here for specific support with Bachelor and Master assignments up to 20 pages.

Every paper, like every writer, is unique. Our experts will review and give detailed feedback on your first 250 words and provide a first consultation concerning the entire project for only €15 per draft.

Submit your draft paper in English or German with a description of your needs . We will reply within 3 working days with detailed feedback and the amount for our services regarding your project.

Give us details about the audience of your draft and any other relevant information, such as submission guidelines, feedback you have received already, and publication options:

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How did you learn about this service?


“ALI’s language experts mentored me with a short deadline and I won ‘Best Paper Award’ and ‘Best Management Paper’ at a prominent international conference! I highly recommend.”
Rafael, PhD Student in International Business from Austria





“The reviewer gave me both options for new structural patterns and fixed my language errors. This is the most helpful feedback I have ever received.”
Anna, Geneticist from Russia



Dr. Josh Lange, Chief Editor and CEO of ALI

Our editors and writers use the feedback and revision system of Dr. Josh Lange, EdD, MA, IDLTM, who has developed this successful system over 15 years working with “VIPs” on writing projects, including high-ranking officials, Fortune 500 corporations, and students/faculty at some of the best universities in the world. He currently conducts a seminar on Writing for Publication C1 and Cambridge CPE C2 at the University of Vienna and boasts a 100% pass rate for his students on the CPE/CAE exams.


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