The Journal of International Student Development

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As the official journal of the Advanced Language Institute, the JISD publishes three types of submitted texts:

  • Peer Reviewed Reflections on Learning and Teaching
  • Peer Reviewed Original Research Papers 
  • Guest Articles

Aims & Scope

Reflections on Learning and Teaching (peer-reviewed)

Every international student comes to their new study environment with entrenched ways of thinking based on their educational and cultural background.  As students begin their new path, they need a lot of help in understanding their new study environment: it’s expectations, how it compares to their former study environment, and how to take advantage of their new study environment. This section of JISD publishes 250-1000 word self-reflections from students and teachers who reflect on their unique story as an international student/scholar.   We are looking for stories that both reflect an individual’s journey (or one key aspect of a journey) or a reflection on the differences between study traditions across cultures.


Original Research Papers (peer-reviewed)

International students and scholars develop themselves through interaction with academic content in their chosen discipline as well as the social interaction they have. The latest research (Gamst Page & Chahboun, Higher Education, 2019) suggests that too much emphasis has been on defining international students as “problematic” when they are less social or extroverted than their peers. Student voice is not limited to ‘cultural immersion’ and ‘making friends’ but can also be seen in research and engagement in scholarly activity.  This section of JISD publishes student original research papers and essays of 2,000-6,000 words that connect a student’s individual development with a topic in their main discipline.  We are looking for papers that reflect an individual journey into a Master’s or PhD level programme in English when the student’s native language is other than English.


Guest Articles (by invitation only)

International students and scholars need to help each other succeed in the complex environment of higher education. This section provides articles from invited guests who are experts in international education or have a unique experience that can be related to student’s and scholar’s lives.



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