Language Strategy

What the experts say:

Robert Kaplan, PhD

“We have learned through more than a decade of Tsedal Neeley’s research on language in global organizations and teams, and more than 20 years of Robert Kaplan’s leadership of global organizations, that language strategy is critical for global talent management. As a leader, you can factor language and cultural skills more deliberately into the hiring, training, assessment, and promotion of talent—and into the management of global teams—whether or not your company adopts a shared language. Of course, in a global firm, choices and tactics will vary somewhat according to the needs of each unit and region. But those differences must exist within a cohesive system that allows employees to function effectively across the organization and achieve key strategic priorities.”  –  from the Harvard Business Review, 9/2014

The Advanced Language Institute is your partner to develop and enhance your language strategy. Led by Dr. Josh Lange, a world-leading expert in language management and education, ALI provides solutions to the “hardest problems” of discipline-specific communication. ALI is your only language partner in the DACH region that brings top-level industry expertise, language expertise, and the ability to inspire employees to meet the high language standards of the 21st Century global marketplace. Our unique “team specialist” approach provides clients with designs that cut language services costs by up to 50% while synergizing your employees and processes toward constant improvement.

Moving from Frustration to Inspiration

Your company’s language strategy must align with your value proposition, and without close alignment the strategy will fail.  In addition, there are multiple “resistances to change” that will occur before and during implementation. Professor Tsedal Neeley, the World’s leading expert in this area, has developed an Adoption Framework for overcoming resistance to change and implementing a language strategy.

Source: Neeley, Global Business Speaks English, Harvard Business Review, 2005

The ALI Approach to Language Strategy

Our approach is to move your company’s employees from “weak buy-in” and “low belief” to the point where they are inspired to become lifelong learners of English and expert communicators.  Our approach to language strategy uses Neeley and Kaplan’s insights from IBM and others, combined with ALI’s unique team specialist approach to language services.  This approach is by far the best for implementing a language strategy because our clients get the best of three worlds – industry-specific language and communication skills provided by trained field experts, combined with certified language teachers who engage learners through multiple activity types, and a Learning Manager to oversee the process and develop unique assessment and activity solutions.  This unique combination ensures your company has a team of qualified experts and your language strategy is implemented successfully.

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