Leadership Coaching

Leadership is a Language

Leaders in all fields know good communication is essential for success. Yet language barriers and rapid change of communication styles  have created a “generational gap” in the way leaders communicate internationally, especially when English is not their native language.

Organizations of all types need to build strong social and emotional capacity of their current and future leaders.  ALI takes a combined skills approach to executive coaching, ensuring that your team uses the target language (English, German) with advanced precision while improving their 21st Century Skills and leadership abilities.

Dr. Josh Lange worked his way up from maintenance assistant to “Manager of the Year” at a Fortune 500 Corporation by the age of 22 and has since led the development of various new organizations and programs on three continents through some of the world’s leading universities. Josh also studied leadership in 11 countries for his PhD in Leadership Education under the supervision of Professor Richard Bolden, a world-leading expert on international leadership. Currently, Josh is the CEO of ALI as well as the National Chair of Austria’s English Language Professionals association.

Josh’s coaching system revolves around cutting-edge theory and best practices in leadership and communication. In one-to-one coaching and group seminars, Josh or a skilled expert team will guide you to “unfolding” your inner leader by learning how to:

  • listen carefully to all stakeholders
  • understand  when and how to communicate
  • reconstruct information for specific purposes
  • formulate purposeful responses that drive action
  • account for cultural differences and customs
  • communicate effectively with different personality types
  • inspire others through motivational speech and text
  • write and speak clearly and accurately

In addition to personalized support, ALI invests in future leaders by “training the trainer”:

The High Potential Coaching Academy. If you work with employees who have high potential, this personalized coaching program gives you the expertise to help them improve performance and leadership competences, reach goals, and become leaders themselves.

Results of McKinsey 2018 Global Workforce study:

“The need for finely tuned social and emotional skills will rapidly grow. Accompanying the adoption of advanced technologies into the workplace will be an increase in the need for workers with finely tuned social and emotional skills—skills that machines are a long way from mastering. In aggregate, between 2016 and 2030, demand for social and emotional skills will grow across all industries by 26 percent in the United States and by 22 percent in Europe. While some of these skills, such as empathy, are innate, others, such as advanced communication, can be honed and taught. The rise in demand for entrepreneurship and initiative taking will be the fastest growing in this category, with a 33 percent increase in the United States and a 32 percent rise in Europe. The need for leadership and managing others will also grow strongly.”

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