English for Pharma/BioTech



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Specialized Courses:

Life Science professionals across the World need to interpret data from various sources, prepare detailed documentation, and collaborate with professionals to implement new projects with precise communication, which is exactly how we will design your course. Your course will include flexible-delivery as well as producing reports and presentations, interdisciplinary scientific research, and relevant communication scenarios. Our specialists will add self-directed exercises and progress checks using specific terminology relevant to your practice.


  • Real-World Projects: Present findings and new research directions, master a new practice or technology, or contribute to an international research experiment.
  • Personnel Development: Build your CV and Personal Brand, make new network contacts, and expand your ability to discuss BioTech with colleagues and laypersons.
  •  Flexible Attendance: This course can be taken partially online, and the instructors will come to your location when it fits your schedule.

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Andrea Majoros, PhD – Learning Manager

Andrea has earned several awards for her advanced work on immunology and cell signaling, and has worked with leading laboratories and BioTech firms across Europe. In addition to superior data analysis and presentation skills, she is well-known for her ability to articulate complex technical information to non-technical personnel through stories, analogies, and simplified concepts.  She has mastered the skills of English technical writing in the Bio Sciences shown by her multiple publications as well as formation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and GDP-compliant documentation, and knows how to navigate between the private and public sectors in the BioTech industry.