Speaking Up to Professors and Peers, featuring Michael Sandel from Harvard University

Topic Progress:

Watch the full lecture here: https://youtu.be/kBdfcR-8hEY

TASK: Watch the video above where Dr. Lange and Dr. Ward uncover the techniques used by one of Harvard’s greatest living lecturers. Think about it in your own academic context. Before moving on to the next lesson, brainstorm a major problem in the World and the language that is used to discuss it. Make a mind map of the key words used to discuss the problem, and be ready to discuss the problem in your tutorial. You are going to need this mind map for the next lesson, where you will create your essay outline on the theme you have chosen. So choose a problem you really care about because you are going to write 2,000 words about it!

Example Mind Maps on the major problem of Climate Change:


Combating Global Warming Mind Map


Some other major problems you might care about (choose one or choose your own that is not on the list):

Gender inequality

Racial inequality

Social media addiction

Influence of social media on politics


Urban renewal

Access to education

Healthcare quality and access

Environmental policy

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