Our Values


All of our services are developed and delivered by a team of specialists. These include learning designers, language teachers, linguists, and content specialists.  We value teamwork at every level of our organisation.


We believe that including diverse perspectives and populations in our decisions benefits our company, our students, our clients and the world around us. We include perspectives from all stakeholders, including clients, in every decision. 


Truthfulness to oneself and others is key to our customer focus and personal development. With a sincere attitude, we honor ourselves and our global society, and conduct ourselves with integrity. 


Service to our clients and partners is key to our aim to offer bespoke language services at the highest level globally. By building long-term relationships with excellent partners and servicing clients in cutting-edge industries, we stay ahead of the rest in customer service. 


ALI seeks to re-envision language learning in the 21st Century. Through a number of distinct online and blended services ready for future customers, we aim to remain pioneers in language learning.


At ALI we believe love is in words and actions. We enjoy what we do, honour our commitments, and strive to serve one another. This is especially true for our words! Every day our passion for serving humanity can be seen in our words and actions. Said by a great English native-speaker, “All you need is love.”